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January 2016

Sarah on a Pin it, Did it Outfit

January 25, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have Sarah of Bows and Clothes taking over my blog for the day. I love this young ladies faith sharing, style and have enjoyed getting to know her this past year and I am sure you would love to get to meet her as well. I hope you will leave a comment with your thoughts and hop on over to Sarahs’ blog (here) to say hi and meet her.

Hi, Garay Treasures readers! I am Sarah and I blog over at Bows and Clothes. My blog is a life, style, and beauty blog. I like to blog about my outfits, trends, beauty tips, and my faith in Jesus Christ. I like to help people and that is why I started this blog: to help people feel great in their own skin. There is a quote, by me, on my about me page that says, “You are the only you there is, so you better be you.” Through my blog I strive to inspire people. Not because I think that I am perfect, but because God helps me deal with my imperfection. Today, I am showing y’all an outfit that I recreated from Pinterest:

gingham button down style outfit black jeans denim jacket gold jewelry casual pinterest recreation inspiration

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Lizzie On Monochromatic Whites in Winter & Link up

January 19, 2016

I love seeing how other bloggers style pieces in their wardrobe to give off some monochromatic touches and todays featured blogger and guest poster Elizabeth of Lizzie In Lace is doing just that, and for the winter season too. Take a look at how cute her garments are and how radiant she is in them. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and or stop by Lizzie’s blog (here) and meet her, I just love her and I promise you will too.

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$10 Budget for Target and what I bought in January

January 18, 2016

Today I have joined my good friend Becky and a few other bloggers for a blog hop where we buy “fun” or “splurge” items at Target with a budget of $10 for the month of January (see my November and December $10 Budget at Target posts also). This does not include Starbucks, groceries needed or meals but rather items we consider fun or perhaps had on our wishlists.

$10Target (1)

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Trying Something New: Blush and Burgundy

January 11, 2016

Today I am glad to have my good blogging friend Becky of bybmg blog as my guest poster and I must say I LOVE her out of comfort zone outfit here and how she made it work (not to mention affordable). Check it out below and don’t forget to leave a comment or visit her blog and say “hi” thanks Becky for being here today!


Hi, I’m Becky, and I blog over at bybmg. I’m totally outnumbered in my house with my husband, Russ, and our three boys. I try to stay fashionable and creative while keeping up with them and teaching at our local middle school. 
I would love to connect with you on my blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook!

Thanks so much, Rachel, for allowing me to guest post today! 


Being in the fashion blogger world, it’s always so fun to see what combinations people come up with for outfits. Blush and burgundy is a combination that intrigued me, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I own two burgundy cardigans, but that’s about it.

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